The Heart Campus campaign ended on 30 June 2017. 

Almost 100 people shared their own stories and/or photos 

and donated 34,057.00 euros in total. 

Our warmest thanks to all those who participated and donated! 

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Share your heart,
Show your support

Heart campus ties together all knowledge and different study fields, friends and best memories.

Tell your own heart campus story - whether it is from Arabia, Töölö or Otaniemi - and show your support for future generations.

Join us in building a legacy that is meant to last forever.




€34,057.00 RAISED

Aalto's history is filled with great stories.

This story and video is from Riku Asikainen, one of our Alumni of the Year's from the School of Business, aka Kauppis. Riku's Heart Campus is Kauppis. 

Share your heart, Show your support

We are building the new Aalto campus

And it just happens to be a heart-shaped campus. 

Tell us your own heart campus story - whether it is from Arabia, Töölö or Otaniemi -  and show your support for the future generations of game changers. 


We have a soft spot in our Heart for you. Pick your own piece of the heart and donate 100 euros. There are only 200 hearts available.


Someone just selected this piece of the heart


Is your group amongst the active ones?


We believe that the future is already made today. Innovations. Creativity. New enterprises. Jobs. New knowledge and talents. Human growth. Well-being for us all.

The whole Aalto University's The Future is Made Today fundraising campaign goal is to obtain 20 million euros in donations by the end of June 2017.

This Heart Campus Challenge is part of the Future is made today campaign.

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Can I make an anonymous donation?

You can give your donation to Aalto without any publicity via this Heart Campus site or via our regular online giving form Just choose the "I do not wish to be listed publically as a donor" tick box .

Or if you would rather make a small anonymous gift, you can also give €10 or €20 via sending a sms message AALTO10 or AALTO20 to the phone number 16499 or you can donate through our site.

Why does my gift matter?

Because we believe that the world needs new ideas, creative talents, cutting-edge research, entrepreneurship and new types of leadership. We need the courage to take a leap into the unknown and to try new things. In order to make this happen, we need additional resources which allow us to be more flexible and bold in our work.

Every donation and supporter counts for us. Every euro is an investment in future talents and new generations of game changers in Aalto.

How will the money be used?

For pioneering research and educating new experts and creative talents. These tasks require investments and extra contributions made for the future. Donations will give us better possibilities and flexibility to keep up with international competition also in the long term.

How can I make a gift?

You can donate to Aalto University in general, or to one of our study fields - art, design and architecture, business and economics or technology and science.

You can make the gift via several different channels:

You can make the donation in this Heart Campus campaign via Credit card payment option (Stripe) or via Online bank options (Paytrail). You can also decide here if you don't wish to get any publicity for your donation.

If you prefer to donate via our normal online bank form, you can find it here:

Or if you would rather make a small anonymous gift, you can also give €10 or €20 via sending a sms message AALTO10 or AALTO20 to the phone number 16499 or you can donate through our site. These sms and mobile donation options work in all Finnish phone operators and the donation amount goes to your phone bill.

Will I receive a gift receipt?

If you want to receive an official gift receipt e.g. for your tax deduction purposes, please contact our donor engagement team, Anne Hirvonen ( for further info.

Aalto University reports private donations to National Board of Taxes, assuming that the amount of one's donations within a year is at least 850 euros and that Aalto has all the required information, including your social security number. More info:

How many zeros should my gift have?

As many as possible, of course. :)

Well, actually our main goal in this Heart campus campaign is to invite as many donors as possible and strengthen our relations with our students and alumni. Every euro and contribution counts for us. So, we value your contribution - with or without the many zeros.

Donors are entitled to tax deductions in Finland

Donations made by organizations or individuals are eligible for tax deductions for tax payers in Finland. For individuals the annual tax deductible donation sum should be minimum €850 per year. The total donation sum may consist of separate installments. Read more about the donation deductions for individuals: Tax Deductions

I’m not Finnish! Can I still give?

Yes, your donation is equally valuable to us. In more detailed questions and concerns, please contact our donor engagement team:

How can I get more involved?

We invite you to participate in the many interesting events and seminars organized in Aalto University and on the campuses. See:

Or if you are our alumn, you can join our Mentoring Programme and mentor our student. The search for new mentors is activated this Spring. See more info about the mentoring:

For further info about Aalto, contact: Nora Rahnasto (

More info about the Aalto University's fundraising campaign

Aalto University's The future is made today fundraising campaign runs till the end of June 2017. Our goal is to obtain 20 million euros in donations before July 2017. The Finnish government has committed to capitalize universities by up to three times the sum of donations collected by the universities. Donations to the university may be earmarked for one of Aalto’s three fields of education – business studies, arts, or technology. However, an earmarked donation is eligible for governmental matching funding only if the donation is 10,000 euros or more.

This Heart Campus Challenge is part of the Future is made today campaign.

Aalto's Fundraising permit:
Aalto University has a fundraising permit granted by the National Police Board. The permit is valid from 13 October 2014 through 31 December 2017 throughout Finland, except for the Åland Islands. The number of the fundraising permit is POL-2014-12399.

I didn't find the answer I was looking for?

For more detailed questions, please contact donor engagement team's Nora Rahnasto ( / +358 50 362 2243).

More info about the Aalto University's fundraising campaign:

Are you having difficulties in making the donation or telling your own story, contact: Nora Rahnasto